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Hand-hewing is a technique used to manually transform logs into squared, construction-ready beams. Hand-hewing produces a distinctive and unique pattern on the face of a beam.

This craft has been discontinued, although the beauty and rustic look of the hand-hewn surface remains a highly desirable texture and aesthetic. Hewing marks are enhanced by the weathered characteristics of these beams, many of which are over 200 years old.

Barnwood Restorations salvages hand-hewn beams from Pennsylvania barns, ensuring they remain intact and undamaged throughout the demolition process. Hand-hewn beams are generally left exposed to showcase the timeless beauty and enhance the rustic décor of a home or business.  Hand-hewn beam orders can be customized to individual customer needs and specifications. Please contact Barnwood Restorations for more specific information on our offering 814-923-1682 or 814-724-9309