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Barn board’s rugged background and versatility in application make it one of the most popular salvaged woods. Centuries of weathering leaves every barn wood board with a unique texture and more general surface character than any other reclaimed wood. 

Colors of reclaimed barn wood range from faded colored paints to gray, brown, and silver.

Barnwood Restoration salvages barn board from barn structures throughout Pennsylvania. Each board is unique in character, color, and weathering pattern. Barn board is a highly sought-after wall paneling to provide a rustic and timeless décor within a home or business.

Consistent lots of barn board salvaged from specific buildings are available in quantities of 100 board feet or greater. Samples of larger lots are provided upon request. Barnwood siding orders can be customized to individual customer needs and specifications. Please contact Barnwood Restorations for more specific information on our offering 814-923-1682 or 814-724-9309